Easily solving ways when got a traffic ticket from police in Thailand


Easily solving ways when got a traffic ticket from police in Thailand


Normally, the people who are responsible to punish you if you violate a traffic law are the policemen. Every country has different traffic rules and restrictions. To prevent penalties, you should also learn Thai rules before entering Thailand. The following are some of the reasons or causes you may have received a traffic ticket:

1.      Parking the car in the Red & White footpath colors

Many foreign drivers do not know where to park, which results in penalties. If you park on the Red and White walkway colors, the cop will issue you a traffic ticket and affix it to your windshield. Unfortunately, if you are illegally parked, the policeman will also be wheel-cramped. Meaning that That is, your automobile will not be able to move until you pay the enforcement fines.

2.      Driving speedy

In Thailand, the speed limit for a standard automobile is roughly 120 kilometers per hour. You will be fined if you drive faster than the legal speed limit. The proof comes from a CCTV camera mounted on an electric pole in Thailand. The traffic ticket and supporting evidence will be sent to your accommodations. It is plainly visible on the Thai expressway.


These are the two most common causes for traffic ticket penalties. Each case will have a different enforcement fine. Parking in the wrong zone colors may be 700-900 Baht, and driving speed may be 500 Baht.


After receipt of the traffic ticket, you should do the following ways:

1.      Reading the information clearly :

When you receive a traffic ticket, stop panicking. You must read and understand  the information mentioned on the traffic ticket, such as how much the fine is, why you are being penalized, etc.

2.      Paying the fine :

          It is the appropriate method since ignoring the enforcement fine would result in undesirable consequences. Parking tickets should be paid immediately. You must pay the fine at the nearest police station. After you pay the penalty, the policeman will proceed to your automobile and unlock the steering wheel. In contrast, if you get a speeding ticket, you may pay it at a bank, counter service, police station, online payment, and other venues. There are some drivers who refuse to pay the fee; they can renew their vehicle tax but only obtain the temporary Authorization for use of a vehicle for only 30 days.


These are the two ways after you got the traffic ticket from the policeman. You should follow these two ways to reduce the negative consequences. However, before purchasing the car to drive in Thailand, you need to follow the traffic law in Thailand and purchase car insurance in Thailand, particularly from Rabbit Care. Not only is the premium rate reasonable, but the coverage is also various. If you get in a car accident, the repair cost will be paid by the insurer. Interestingly, Rabbit Care has various partners that have high credibility and allow you to compare with the insurance premium. You can see more information by visiting our Rabbit Care website.

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