Newspaper Marketing — Advantages Exposed


The large number of advertising vehicles available these days has managed to get hard for many advertisers to distribute their advertising budgets. From traditional newspaper advertising to interactive web-based advertising, the opportunities for advertisers are endless. A wholesome combination of those and other advertising media is ultimately the most effective way of a fruitful campaign. However, lately the nay-sayers of newspaper advertising have started to garner attention. Allow me to refresh your memory on the continued benefits of newspaper advertising.

Newspapers have been gracing the doorsteps of American homes since the early 1700s. That’s over 300 years of budding romance between American consumers and their beloved newspapers. Lee Clow, the Chairman & Global Director of TBWA\Worldwide explains that the, “Newspaper is just a special medium. It’s not urgent, not yesterday or tomorrow but today. Sitting with a newspaper and a sit down elsewhere each morning can be one of the very intimate media experiences there is.” The title of this article is “Newspaper Advertising…Benefits Revealed” so… when will the advantages be revealed? I’m getting to that! The newspaper has generated its reputation as a dependable supply of information; this goes for not just its articles however for the advertisements it features as well. pool result  Every individual newspaper has guidelines and restrictions that really must be met by each advertiser. This isn’t always the case with the truckload of advertisers that place ads on the web. Unfortunately, you can find unscrupulous people and companies that are able to post ads on various websites without undergoing any kind of screening. Consumers can continue to feel secure realizing that advertisements that make it to print have been examined and approved for their benefit.

Another advantage to newspaper advertising may be the portable/permanent part of a newspaper. A newspaper is effortlessly toted from home to work, to lunch, back to work and back to home. This allows readers to pick up the paper when it is convenient for them. In terms of the permanent feature of the newspaper… let’s look at an example. Over a sit down elsewhere you are perusing the pages of the local paper. You come across an offer for a new product that strikes your fancy. You set the paper aside until later if you have some free time and can research the product. Later that week, you choose up the ad and make a telephone call to the business advertising the product. The same product is advertised when you are surfing the web. You bookmark the site to be able to return to the site later. However, later that week the ad is seemingly gone from the site. Is it on a rotation? Was the ad pulled? You might never know. This example can be a bit dramatic, however it illustrates the benefit of a tangible ad that someone can revisit and review.

Possibly the best argument to make the case for newspaper advertising may be the “opt-in” feature. The entire world is packed with annoying advertisements (not to state they don’t work), TV commercials, pop-up internet ads, spam emails, etc. etc. etc. Newspaper advertisements continue to be an opt-in advertising method. People can decide if they will read your newspaper ads. They know the ads is there, alongside the articles they read everyday, and they have the choice. And as it turns out many adults are making the choice to see those ads, simply because they locate them useful. In a 2007 study done by Mediamark, 51% of the adults they interviewed said that they found newspaper advertising “somewhat/very useful.” This very day and age, people don’t wish to be bothered. Case and point? DVRs are becoming increasingly popular and allowing people to totally skip over commercials. People are locating a way around commercials, anti-spam filters are finding ways to weed out spam emails, pop-up blockers are eliminating pop-up ads. The list goes on. However, newspaper ads have not become an irritation, they continue to be a source of useful information for readers of the newspaper.

Advertisers have a hard decision in distributing their advertising budgets. There is no “right answer” for how or where to spend your money. No advertising plan will be right for all advertisers. Each advertiser must test different ads in numerous mediums to be able to discover what will produce results. Newspapers have been a valued method of advertising to companies and individuals around the world. They give benefits to advertisers that net based advertising cannot. Newspaper advertising is still working for advertisers that continue to acknowledge its value. When you’re divvying your advertising budget this year; do your research, weigh your alternatives, but don’t overlook the worth that newspapers have always offered advertisers.

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